the Ceramic Gallery

Carefully crafted elements come together into one amazing design.

  • Chai Cup Series

    Inspired by railway tea cups from India

  • Spiral Vessels

    Handbuilt spiral Vessels. “With these vessels, I’m exploring the relationship between the spine that curves around the form and the shape underneath. Making the spine stronger or just a dent on the surface, embodying them with their own composition that might be uneven and moving against the symmetrical form underneath is simply a play with gesture. In some pieces, I work slowly, looking for a balance between the spine and form, allowing the two to balance and breath together, while in others I move spontaneously and with my mistakes because the piece just feels right; it all changes as I move from stoneware to porcelain, choosing to glaze a piece or not is a matter of fine tuning the composition of the piece, thinking about its final size, making the inside and outside work together, and wondering what I should do next.”

  • Constructed Forms

    When several forms are pushed together to find balance