Encaustic on wood panel, 48” X 48”, Reuben Sinha © 2012.


These paintings are about color. Created to focus on a single color and reflect on its aura, gesture, physical and carnal energy.  


As my paintings become somewhat ethereal and abstract, I needed something to physically fight with, something earthy. 

Script Series

These drawings utilized the Hindi alphabet of the Devnagiri script. By separating letters and words into phonemes, and then tracing the inflections of each sound with line, I created a set of “text based drawings”. These drawings imitate posters and signboards I saw as a child in India, to reference everything from prayer scrolls and engraved walls to personal aerogrammes that my parents to each other when I was a toddler.

Mediations on Breathing is a collection of drawings, each ‘character-drawing’ traces the inflection of a single breath inhaled and exhaled. These drawings became an act of clearing away my thoughts, leaving nothing but the sounds of my own breath to work in conjunction with the materials. Each page on the scroll represents one studio session.

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