ReubenSinha | Spiral Ceramic Vessels
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Spiral Ceramic Vessels

March 2016

Series started in (September 2015) with sketches of a wood screw. Some of the pieces are about finding a balance between the underlying form and the “teeth” of the spiral. Both parts of the vessel’s shape are equally important to the whole, to bring balance between the two I experimented with having a single spiral moving on top of itself,  two separate spirals moving on top of each other, and up to four or five spirals moving along the surface of the vessel. I  was also exploring what would happen as I changed the thickness of the spiral tracks, sometimes keeping it even all through the vessel, other times allowing it to become narrower as it approached the top.

Spiral Vessel-1
Spiral Vessel-2
Spiral Vessel-5
Spiral Vessel-8b
Spiral Vessel-4
IMG_1338 (1)
Spiral vessel in yellow stoneware