Iron Oxide

after sitting around creating pinched pots for days and not being happy with any of them I found use of them as experiments in staining after bisque in water with some pigments. Initially I tired using two pigments, yellow ochre and iron oxide, both became black at cone 10 but the iron oxide diluted gave me more variations in browns leading up to an iridescent black depending upon dilutions. the black, which was from a strong mixture of iron oxide in water had a semi gloss finish and bits of blues, purples and reds seemed to bounce of its edges. It is a deep black that pulls one into to peer deeper into its surface, and reminds me of a cooking pot darkened from sitting on many open fires, stained with burnt cooking oils. The black seeps into the pot like ink on  soft paper, while still giving a shine that reflects the room light around me. Put on thick enough and the whole pot takes on a metallic look.

IMG_1748this pot was covered on the inside with yellow ochre/water stain and the outside was rubbed lightly with Iron Oxide.


after firing at cone 10…